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This is it. Big Give Week – Closes 12pm, 7th December

The Big Give 2021

When you donate today to help relieve the trauma of our Veterans and Reservists, your contribution will be DOUBLED. So please donate as soon as possible, while matched funds last.

But why now? Because there is a lot more work to be done. An estimated 240,000 veterans suffer from the effects of trauma – probably more. The charity needs new donations to pay for the programme to continue.

Please visit Big Give.

Here are top tips for getting your donation doubled:

1. Please have your credit card ready – this is the only method of donation accepted.
2. If it says that all funds are reserved click ‘Refresh’.
3. Big Give closes 12pm, 7th December. Let us know when you’ve donated – please post on Facebook or tell us on Twitter (use hashtag #ChristmasChallenge16)! We would love to know when you have been successful.

FAQs Regarding the Christmas Challenge – By Big Give:

What is the Big Give and how does it work?

The Big Give is a registered charity (1136547) and the leading match fundraising platform in the United Kingdom. We specialise in bringing together charities, philanthropists, and the general public to multiply their influence. Through the power of match funding, The Big Give has raised over £160 million for hundreds of worthy organisations.

We run the Christmas Challenge, a yearly match funding campaign that earns millions of pounds for charitable groups, as well as other match funding events. In addition, we offer a platform for charities to launch their own fundraising campaigns.

What is the purpose of the Christmas Challenge?

It provides supporters of participating charity with the option to have their donation doubled for seven days. Since its inception on the Big Give in 2008, the Christmas Challenge, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Alec Reed CBE, has raised millions of pounds for thousands of charity initiatives. This year, 924 charities are participating.

What is the source of the match funding?

Big Give's network of philanthropists, trusts and foundations, and corporations contribute match financing. Scroll down to see who won this year.

What are the costs?

The Big Give is a non-profit platform that enables organisations to raise donations for charitable purposes. We do not charge charities any fees to use our site. Instead, we charge a nominal Processing Fee to cover the costs associated with processing gifts. Before the donation is paid to the organisation, this usual fee is taken. Please see our fees page for further details.

How are charities chosen?

Between mid-May and early July, charities can apply to participate in the Christmas Challenge. Applications are then shared with our Champions, who determine how to spend their Champion funds. If you believe a specific charity should apply for next year's Christmas Challenge, please invite them to contact us so that we can provide them with more information on how to join next year.

How do I make a contribution?

Please go to the Christmas Challenge page, pick the charity to which you want to donate, and click the donate button. We can only accept debit and credit card donations, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Donors have 15 minutes to complete their donation after match funds are reserved for donations. If the donation is not finished within the time limit, match money will be returned to the match funding pot, and you will be asked whether you want to restart your donation with match funds or continue with your existing donation, which will then be unmatched.

It states there are no remaining match funds for the charity I wish to donate to?

Donations receive matching funds on a first-come, first-served basis. Your unmatched donation, on the other hand, can help the charity reach their goal and qualify for the Christmas Challenge Awards (scroll to the bottom of this page for further information about the Christmas Challenge Awards).

How does the Big Give generate revenue?

The Big Give is also a registered charity. To assist pay our expenses, we encourage contributors to give a tip to the Big Give when making a donation. We appreciate all tips for the Big Give, and it also helps us ensure that more of your money goes to the charities you care about.

Thank you for your help.

PS  “PTSD Resolution has got it right and I would recommend them to anyone who’s suffering, and to get help sooner rather than leaving it too late….” PB. 25 years’ service as medic

“The memories are still there, they will never go away, but I have my life back and (my wife) and I are also back together….” HC, 16 years’ veteran, Scots Guards

“The help provided by Resolution is immediate and it’s very effective. I recommend it unreservedly…” MS retired Major, Parachute Regiment 

We publish a regular Newsletter that contains lots of information about people that we have helped, the work that we do etc.

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