How Resolution works

PTSD Resolution enables veterans with limited resources to have rapid, effective and local help.

The aim is to reduce trauma symptoms and help with re-adjustment to normal life. This involves a number of therapy sessions on a one-to-one, out-patient basis. It depends on the case, but on average it takes five sessions to reach an agreed end of therapy.

The goal is to relieve trauma symptoms and enable the client to manage life so that there is no continuing need for therapy.

Progress is monitored using approved approved outcome measures (the IES-E for trauma and the general CORE outcome scale).

The programme is delivered in quiet locations through a network of therapists around the UK, so veterans do not have travel long distances or visit crowded areas or institutional buildings.

The goal of any trauma therapy is to break the link between the memory of the original event and the strong emotional response, so that any accidental reminders of traumatic events can be dealt with in a calm state.

We do this as humanely as we think is possible - therapy is conducted in a deliberately calm state, without requiring people to talk in any detail about the events that caused the trauma.

We do this because in general veterans do not enjoy talking about their trauma, and because it can make trauma worse- indeed symptoms exacerbation caused by repeated recounting of traumatic events is one of the main reasons veterans drop out of trauma treatment.

Our approach is entirely compatible with the requirements of the NICE guidelines, and is explained in detail in our service description.

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